Tolkan Bike Park

If you’re making a list of awesome places to get away to on your next adventure, Origin Camping Supply recommends adding Tolkan bike park and campground to that list. Located in the rugged and remote Kings Range National Conservation area on the coast of Northern California, this park offers a scenic and peaceful camping opportunity as well as amazing biking trails for all levels of experience. 

Tolkan Terrain Park is designed and constructed as a series of downhill flow trails and offers three runs with varying levels of difficulty: Intermediate, Single black diamond, and Double black diamond. Sprinkled throughout the trails are playful table tops, gap jumps, ramps, steep walls, and a pump track. Each run is no more than 0.33 miles in length and less than 300 vertical feet. The return to the top is an easy 10 min ride or walk. Take a virtual ride of the single black diamond trail:

Origin's Virtual Ride Through Tolkan Bike Park Trail

Tolkan Terrain Park is part of the Paradise Royale Mountain Bike Trail system which is a 14-mile loop of easy-to-difficult segments. This trail provides the opportunity to experience lush temperate forest, rugged ridge tops, and diverse scenic vistas in back country settings.

A campground is located at the top of the terrain park with 9 campsites, vaulted toilets, and wildlife-proof trash cans. At $8 a night, each campsite has a fire pit and picnic tab and provides level ground to park your vehicle and pop up your Origin Roof Top Tent or what ever you cozy up in a night.

There is no water at this campsite and its location is quite remote so make sure to pack plenty of your own water. Should you forget any supplies, there is a well-stocked and reasonably priced general store located 5 miles or an 18 minute drive down the oceanside mountain. The campground has weak ATT cell phone service, but in our experience even spotty service is a rare find in remote parks such as this.

Happy Camping!

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