Our mission

 Welcome to Origin Camping Supply.  We are a team of adventure seeking campers, hikers, rock climbers, road trippers and sunset watchers. After years of wandering, we found that exploring the great outdoors forms an inevitable bond with nature. This relationship excites something inside us all - whether it be a rebellious act against our mundane work life or a lifelong pursuit of the wild - we can all admit that the travel bug bites hard.

We chose hard shell rooftop tents because it is the easiest, most affordable way to get back to your roots in modern day life. Every time we felt the camping itch on a Friday afternoon after work, we yearned for more time that wouldn't be spent on loading and unloading, looking for good ground to set up camp, and all of this before the sunsets. When we discovered RTTs we knew this was the revolutionary way to combine the ease and convenience of modern technology with the wholesome pursuit of getting back to your roots. Thus, Origin Camping Supply was born.

Our mission is to provide the every day wanderer with a simple and more affordable camping lifestyle. We hope that by offering reasonable prices and straightforward design, you will feel inspired to get back to your roots.


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