Origin Cares

  At Origin the only thing we value more the our customer is the nature that our customers retreat to. Origin understands that when you engage in business there is cost to our environment. It is up to companies and individuals to seek to lessen their negative impact to the environment. If we want to continue to enjoy the great outdoors then we must do our part to take care of it.

  In an effort to offset our carbon footprint and help protect our valuable National Forests, Origin Camping Supply is giving a portion of proceeds to the National Forest Foundation to plant trees in our National Forests. Every time you shop with Origin Camping Supply you are helping to restore and revitalize forest and grasslands in the U.S. so they will be there for all to enjoy in the future. 


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We believe it’s important for all of us as individuals to do our part by practicing zero trace principles while camping or hiking, cutting down on personal waste, and leaving recreational sites you inhabit cleaner than you found them. To educate yourself on how to most properly use the outdoors and waste fewer resources personally, check out the helpful link below. We share how we preserve our campsites on our adventures and encourage you to share yours on our Instagram with  #origincares


 Leave No Trace 7 Principles